Collin Greenaway
CEO, GC Solutions

Collin Greenaway is an Information Technology entrepreneur. Collin got his start in computers by simply enjoying playing video games, and watching Sci-Fi shows. His quest to acquire more games and all things Sci-Fi lead him to a new way of communication and share information called, the Internet. From dial-up modems to gigabit routers, Collin has seen the birth and the transformation of the Information Age.

He started in the IT industry back in the mid-90’s, while still in high school through a summer employment program that offered the opportunity to work with the Ministry of Laboratory Services as a Jr. Systems Administrator. Since then, Collin has combined his 20+ years of technology experience, a diploma from CDI in Information Systems and Internet Technologies and a Certificat in Project Management from Ryerson University.

He worked with, and for, technology and communication leaders such as Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Rogers before starting his own IT company, GC Solutions, in 2012. During this time, Collin has created and completed various projects from revamping Rogers' store desings, to installing complete IT solutions for other businesses, large and small.

He is currently working on improving and creating more opportunities for visible minorities in the IT industry.