Nem Ekpunobi
Ops Specialist, MetaVRse

Hey, I’m Nem. I spend most of my time helping companies actualize the potential for immersive tech in their businesses.

When I'm not blowing minds with the power of VR & AR (Virtual/Augmented Reality), you might catch me dancing my heart out, dueling Jedi at birthday parties (as a performer), or making new connections while driving folks around in my Uber.

Consistently hungry for self-development in all areas of life, I seek and desire to share knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. For this reason, mentorship is fundamental in my life. Many great challenges and break-throughs lie ahead. I can't, nor do I want to, walk the path to "innovation station" alone. Having other strong folks on the journey makes the victories that much sweeter.

Needless to say, I love technology, I love movement, and I love people. Feel free to reach out - I don't bite!

Facebook: ThatChocolateGuy

Twitter: @thatchocobro

Instagram: thatchocolateguy/