Raye Ackerman
Entrepreneur & Board Member, Foundation for Student Achievement and EO Toronto

I have been an entrepreneur for as long I can remember. I've failed miserably and learned from those mistakes to ultimately built a business that completely took my family out of debt and changed our lives completely. In 2016, our software business was acquired by a US based competitor and we are currently relaxing, working on our Foundation and involved in a couple start ups.

I credit quite a bit of my successes to having strong leaders around me that shared with me their experiences and how they overcame obstacles as their businesses grew. I’ve learned that entrepreneurs that are willing to accept help and learn from what others have gone through ultimately end up stronger and more successful in the long run!

Personally, I am a family man with a beautiful wife of 23 years, three wonderful children that are spread out among various universities (Laurier for Business, Carleton for Children’s Studies, and Howard Medical School for Medicine). I enjoy traveling, racing cars and living an active lifestyle but ultimately, living a life that has a purpose. I actively serve on the board for our Foundation for Student Achievement and on the Board of EO Toronto as current Membership Chair, but recently served as President from 2015-2017.